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District Wide Broadcast Message

Aiken Elementary School


Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Aiken encourages families to participate in our school through any means possible. This may be volunteering or participating in one of our many family events. We host a variety of different events throughout the year,including:
  • Back to School Open House
  • Boohoo-Yahoo Breakfast
  • Music Concerts 
  • Harvest Festival
  • Bingo for Turkey
  • Family Movie Night
  • Read with a Hero Night. 
Parents are invited to attend both our school and district family nights where we focus on building relationships while providing fun, academic opportunities for parents to engage with their children. 
Community Engagement

Community Engagement

At Aiken we strive to create and maintain strong connections between the school community and the broader community to support student learning. We partner with many different community organizations,
  • Ontario Rec Department
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs
  • Four Rivers Cultural Center
  • Ontario Fire and Rescue
  • Ontario Police
  • EOU Pathways Program
  • OSU Extension Program
  • EOCO Foster Grandparent Program
One of our most cherished partnerships is with our two nearby assisted living centers. Each month, Aiken students visit and perform a short musical performance for the residents. The visits enrich both the residents and our students!